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Dirty Fuck Slut Slave

Both armed with strap-ons, Mistress Athena and Mistress R’eal turn their slave into a filthy, degraded fuck slut. He must gag on their cocks before being spit-roasted and made to squeal like a pig, proving he’s been turned into a shameless anal whore.

These are free images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring pegging and spit roasting performed by Mistress Akella and Mistress R’eal

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Punishment Test

Whipped By Two Dommes

Whipped By Two Dommes: Divine Mistress Heather, Mistress Athena. The incredible Domme Duo decide to test just how much their slave can take. He is keen to prove his worth and takes whatever these two cruel ladies throw at him… and they don’t hold back!

These are free images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring Double Domme and whipping performed by Divine Mistress Heather and Mistress Athena

Whipped By Two Dommes


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