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Suki’s Severe CP

Suki’s Severe CP featuring Mistress Suki

Mistress Suki is well renowned for her severe corporal punishment sessions and this scene is no exception! After some heavy whipping with a stiff leather flogger and several strikes with a heavy cane, she moves on to a viciously cruel carpet beating implement! This renders the slave in some considerable agony, but just when he thought the ordeal was going to end, Suki picks up the dreaded cane again and beats him mercilessly to the point of tears! Stopping his blubbering means face sitting him with her latex clad ass, nice and firmly with her full weight.

This website is an expression of true female dominance, through the many Mistress of Femme Fatale Films

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Mistress Suki

Mistress Suki is the most dangerous sort of woman, beautiful and sadistic.

Mistress Suki is the most dangerous sort of woman: beautiful and sadistic. Her blue eyes are strangely cold, yet hypnotic. She makes men want to suffer for her, and that suffering brings her such pleasure…

Specialities: Corporal Punishment, Humiliation, Strap-on

Mistress Suki is Currently Starring in 8 Films:

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Cold And Hard

Hard caning is Mistress Suki's punishment of the day

Mistress Suki is in the mood for a good hard slave thrashing, so she summons her loyal house slave to the dungeon. With no warm up other than respectful boot kissing, she lets rip with her assortment of CP implements. A cold hard and brutal punishment is all the slave has to look forward to.
These are free images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring corporal punishment and caning performed by Mistress Suki


Mistress pegging her slaves tight sissy hole