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Over The Knee

Over The Knee featuring The Hunteress – Super HD Video

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The chastity slave claims to have been obedient and done as he’s told, however when The Hunteress considers extending his cock cage time, the slave’s negative response is not to her liking. She decides punishment is in order, first with him over her knee for a hard spanking, then a variety of implements to finish him off.

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The Hunteress

Being a composed, self-assured, dominant female is as natural to Miss Hunter as drinking water or breathing air. There’s no point trying to escape or forget about her once you’ve been captured. How can you rid yourself of something that is ingrained into your psyche? The answer is you can’t, and you’d be a fool to try.

The Hunteress

Specialities: Sexual Domination, Queening, Milking, Bondage, CP

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Over My Knee

Over the knee spankings

The Hunteress prefers that her slaves work unsupervised, but with this useless specimen some harsh lessons to be drummed in. Over the knee spankings humiliate him into submission, before hair-brushing and hand tawsing are delivered to make the most lasting impression on her domestic slave. The house will no doubt be spotless after this

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Over the knee spankings


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